Integral Sustainability: Leading the Integrated Approach to Organisational Success

By Dr. Ron Cacioppe and David McDermott

Environmental sustainability is a major global concern and the negative social and environmental effects of industrial processes can no longer be ignored. Currently, our appalling treatment of the environment includes the bringing to extinction of species in the natural world at the rate of one hundred per day and destruction of the equivalent of one football field of tropical rainforest per second.

Though aware of environmental issues, global industry is predominantly employing processes and systems that arise directly from a mindset that dates back to the Industrial Revolution. Central to this mindset is the separation of body and mind, matter and spirit, humans and nature, internal experience and external objects, science and art, thoughts and things, business and culture – we have separated ourselves from the delicate and intricate web of relationships that constitute the very nature of life on Earth and in the universe.

The ecosystems of the natural world comprise a delicate and intricate web of relationships that operate interdependently. While providing a sufficient return to shareholders is an important objective, it is one that must be achieved via processes that contribute to the restoration and preservation of these ecosystems, to the benefit of humankind.

Is it possible for humans to live and work in a way that is not only in harmony with the natural environment, but also improves and develops organisations, communities and nations? Can we go to work in buildings that not only require no energy from the ‘national grid’, but also generate energy back into the grid? Can we create products from natural materials that not only do no harm, but also contribute to the wellbeing of humankind?

It takes passion, commitment and entrepreneurial spirit to challenge age-old mindsets and adopt a new way of working. The Integral vision for sustainability is to find a way that guides us towards achieving a common good, whilst recognising the importance of producing and increasing economic reward.
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