Experience Wheeha! At Work: A fun goal setting process

Some words are near impossible to say with anything less than clear purpose and total commitment. "Wheeha!" is one of them.

For ten years, Penny Young has been helping groups of people discover exactly what it means, then shout it from the rooftops. "Wheeha! is a planning and goal-setting process that operates like a game," she says. "It works by helping each individual pinpoint their unique joys in life, then helping them prioritise those things to achieve an ideal life/ work balance."

Penny's playful but profound strategy for enhancing personal and professional vision evolved out of 15 years of corporate training and goal setting. On that journey she discovered her own passion for planning as a means of nurturing positive outlooks and general wellbeing at all levels of staff and management.

"The game started as a fun, group-friendly personal navigation system for achieving satisfaction and enjoyment in life, but we also see incredible side effects in terms of understanding and cohesion between players," she says.

"Sharing our most cherished dreams and aspirations is a powerful way of connecting with other people. It also enables employers to really understand their staff, to best utilise their talents, to meet their needs and ultimately make them happier and more effective communicators and team members."

Fun is the key word and primary goal of Wheeha! The game begins with a series of easy imagination exercises that generate tantalising vistas of possibility within each player's reach. With the crucial support of the group facilitator and other players, every participant is offered the hope, confidence and courage to turn possibility into reality. Penny Young says "Wheeha! is a brilliant tool for making the most of life. It may not be magic, but magic does seem to happen to people who play, and to the work environment they create."

Download a flier or contact Jonah Cacioppe at jonah@integral.org.au for further information about running Wheeha! for your team.

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