Integral Leaders: Ordinary or Extraordinary?

By Dr Ron Cacioppe

Over 3,000 managers from the Australian and international public and private sectors (including police, health services, community services, religious organisations, Indigenous affairs, public utilities and mining, engineering and construction companies) have received feedback on Integral 360° Leadership & Management Profiles. Integral Development is currently processing profiles for all state public service managers through a contract with the Government of Western Australia’s Department of the Premier and Cabinet.

By looking beyond the benefit to their organisation, Integral leader/managers are able to integrate organisational benefit with the development of people, visions, goals and tasks, in harmony with the wider community and with the natural environment. Integral leader/managers recognise that while sufficient profit and resources are necessary, alone they are not enough to achieve sustainability in the modern world.

The Integral Model of Leadership & Management
Integral Theory integrates a number of theoretical perspectives and is referred to as the ‘All Quadrants, All Levels’ theory. Integral Development’s 360° Leadership & Management Profile was developed to measure the competencies and attributes of effective leadership and provide a more comprehensive and innovative Integral perspective than existing leadership theories. While Integral Theory was used as the central organising framework for the Integral 360° Leadership & Management Profile, additional dimensions were incorporated from research on effective leadership traits, situational skills, contingency styles and transformational leadership attributes.

The graphic below presents the four quadrants of the Integral 360° Leadership & Management Profile and the major functions of Integral leadership and management:

In recognising that leader/managers often over-emphasise one quadrant (for example, HEAD quadrant profit and revenue goals) to the detriment of others, the Integral 360° Leadership & Management Profile provides a practical model to broaden the individual’s perspective of leadership competencies and serves to challenge entrenched managerial style.

The Extraordinary in the Integral 360° Leadership & Management Profile
While 360° feedback has become popular in recent years, many HR professionals and managers do not examine in depth the available 360° instruments and risk settling on leadership models based on superseded wisdom. To deal with rapidly emerging new issues, organisations need a comprehensive, modern view of leadership that is not only 360°, but also three-dimensional.

Superficially the Integral 360° Leadership & Management Profile may look like many of the currently available commercial instruments that present various combinations of some of the ‘ordinary’ features that are comprehensively included in the Integral instrument. What makes the Integral 360° Leadership & Management Profile different is that it features many distinct and extraordinary features that are unique to the Integral perspective – for example, the Integral framework, the emphasis on authentic self and the emphasis on individual, team and organisational development. Further, to complement the Integral 360° Leadership & Management Profile, Integral Development has created other instruments for measuring the key activities and levels of development in individuals, teams and organisations, with attention to operating in harmony with the natural environment and a vision of the role of leadership, organisation and human development that goes well beyond many current leadership theories.

The Integral 360° Summary Feedback
Integral 360° Leadership & Management Profile summary feedback is an analysis and assessment of the primary feedback collected, usually through an online questionnaire, from managers, subordinates and peers who operate around, below and above the individual leader/manager profilee. Describing the extent to which the profilee has key leadership and management skills, Integral 360° summary feedback enables comparison of the profilee’s own perceptions of their leadership skills with those of their colleagues – an important tool in developing leadership skills.

While the Integral 360° summary feedback can be used for training needs analysis, succession planning and performance appraisal, its primary purpose is to identify individual development needs because, while it highlights and affirms strengths, it also highlights leadership blind spots in habit/behaviour/style, that may adversely impact performance. Thus, it facilitates the establishment of an individual personal development action plan.

Throughout this process, an Integral coach provides individual support, with follow-up coaching available to assist individual progress through the action plan and to deal with any ongoing management issues.

The Integral Coaches
Integral Development places a great deal of emphasis on recruiting coaches who not only have excellent interpersonal skills and experience in coaching but also know and live the Integral approach, thereby developing their own leadership competencies and a deeper and more complete experience of self. Integral Theory describes the authentic self as the ground of all being, the essence of everything. The understanding and development of self is key to the Integral coaching process.

“It has been an affirming and rewarding experience to undertake the Integral leadership profile assessment” and “I have found the coaching to be of tremendous benefit in addressing work and personal issues. It has turned my life around” are typical comments from profilee evaluations of the Integral profiling and coaching process.

The Integral 360° Leadership & Management Profile is an important contributor to bringing a truly Integral vision to organisations. Ken Wilber, the originator of Integral Theory states “…In today's world, nobody can afford to be less than integral, because the guaranteed costs are otherwise much too high”.

Integral Development’s Dr Ron Cacioppe is happy to visit and consult, free of charge, with your CEO and/or senior management group, to discuss tailoring the Integral 360° Leadership & Management Profile to meet the specific needs of your organisation.

To view the Integral LDP 360° video please click here.

Dr Ron Cacioppe
Managing Director

What is Executive Coaching?

by Jo Doyle

Executive coaching is a collaborative process where the coach establishes an individually tailored program to guide the aspiring novice or experienced leader in establishing clear personal and professional goals and the necessary action required to achieve them, with the aim to facilitate improved performance and accelerate professional growth and advancement. The premise of executive coaching is that you have the abilities and skills to build onwards and upwards. Executive coaching is all about change for the better and it is up to you to embrace the opportunities the coaching process offers.

At Integral Development, this process begins with your completion of the 3600 Leadership & Management Profile, which is then assessed by the coach to determine individual strengths and weaknesses and to identify areas of focus for your personal and professional development.

There follows a confidential session with the coach to review your 3600 Leadership & Management Profile assessment and your personal and professional aspirations. Depending on what you want to gain, your coach may:

• Explore areas like your belief systems, values and internal perspectives.

• Listen to your expression of ideas, frustrations, options and challenges.

• Guide you through a different perspective for looking at situations, ideas, self and others.

Next, you establish with the coach a development plan of action based on the SMART goal technique. To facilitate learning and change this may include ‘homework’ (eg prescribed reading). After the plan has been implemented, in further confidential sessions, the role of the coach is to:

• Be the cornerstone that supports your accountability for implementing and progressing through your action plan.

• Review your progress through your action plan, further explore your options and fine-tune your action plan and perspective.

• Encourage and facilitate meaningful direction that contributes to your motivation and helping you to stay focused on your goals.

• Be the sounding board for celebration, acknowledgement and praise of your successes.

How is Integral Development executive coaching different?
Integral Theory, described as the new paradigm for the 21st century in providing a holistic way for us to perceive ourselves and the purpose of work in organisations, was adapted by Dr Ron Cacioppe to create Integral Development’s unique form of executive coaching. This blends the levels of human and organisational development established by recent research with the four major dimensions of human activity – effectiveness, efficiency, personal wellbeing and culture.

Who would benefit from executive coaching?
The short answer is that anyone can benefit from executive coaching, but willingness to prepare, engage and commit are key elements to a successful coaching experience, because resistance to change will impede your progress. Occasionally, for some, the coaching process can be uncomfortable as your coach guides you through confronting personal truths and encourages you to think, feel and act in ways that may be outside your comfort zone.

Your answers to the following questions will be a good indication of whether you could benefit from executive coaching:

Do you feel that you have reached an impasse in your professional and/or personal life?

Have you identified areas in your professional/personal life that you wish to address and change?

Are you feeling dissatisfied with your achievements?

Do you feel that you are not living to your full potential?

Do you feel unsure about your short- and long-term goals or that you have no direction in your life?

If you answered ‘Yes’ to any of these questions, you have good reason to consider coaching. If you wish to proceed with or further discuss executive coaching (either personally or on behalf of staff in your organisation), please contact Jo Doyle, Manager Coaching Services

Jo Doyle
Coaching Manager
Telephone (08) 63048354
Mobile 0437 033 300

Integral Executive Coaching Accreditation Course

Integral Development now conducts the Integral Executive Coaching Accreditation Course for workplace leaders/managers and professional coaches who wish to be accredited in the use of the Integral 360° Leadership & Management Profile and to gain training in Integral executive coaching. Participants who successfully complete the three-day course will automatically have access to Integral Development’s unique coaching tools, associated support services and ongoing professional development in the field of executive coaching.

We will be conducting an Integral Executive Coaching Accreditation Course in Perth in late February 2008. For more information about Integral executive coaching, visit insert link to view the Integral Development 360° video.

If you are interested in finding out more about the course, please email the course coordinator Ken Milling, at
Integral Executive Coaching Accreditation Course

Leading Ideas in Environmental Practice Workshop

By Simon Waller

The workshop proved to be an excellent opportunity for the sharing of ideas by both the presenters and the audience alike. There is an undoubted groundswell of support for improving corporate environmental performance but perhaps still a lack of understanding how this should be done. If participants could take one common theme away from the day it was that it is the knowledge, belief and passion for environmental improvement, especially amongst senior managers, that drives change. The issue that most organisations will face over the next few years is how to develop this support in organisations so that as a society we can continue to redefine leading environmental practices.

We would like to offer a special thanks to our presenters Robert Mulcahy from Lincolne Scott, Mark Watson from RPS Ecos and John Wood from National Lifestyle Villages who all volunteered to share their knowledge and experience with the participants. The presenters highlighted the diversity of environmental improvement that is currently occurring and this is an important aspect of building awareness of both our current impact and what we can do in the future.

The feedback we have received has been very positive and ID looks forward to making this a more regular workshop. If you would be interested in attending or have some leading environmental ideas that you would like to see covered please contact either Ron or David –

Integral LMP DVD Chapter 1

The Integral Leadership and Management Profile (LMP) is a 360 feedback tool assessing skills and behaviours associated with effective leadership and management. Based on the Integral Model of Leadership and Management, it includes aspects of Quinn’s competing values framework. This instrument is also available as a Professional Development Profile, customised to suit those who are not currently in a management role. The dvd outlines the LMP and includes testimonials from previous participants. If you would like a copy of the dvd or are interested in completing the LMP please contact Integral Development -

Integral LMP DVD Chapter 4

The Integral Leadership and Management Profile (LMP) is a 360 feedback tool assessing skills and behaviours associated with effective leadership and management. Based on the Integral Model of Leadership and Management, it includes aspects of Quinn’s competing values framework. This instrument is also available as a Professional Development Profile, customised to suit those who are not currently in a management role. The dvd outlines the LMP and includes testimonials from previous participants. If you would like a copy of the dvd or are interested in completing the LMP please contact Integral Development -

Recommended Readings

The Bodhi Tree is Integral Development’s preferred bookseller. Soon clients will be able to purchase our recommended readings directly from the online bookstore. The Bodhi Tree specialises in hand-selected readings for authentic leadership, and personal and professional wellbeing and development.

Fierce Conversations: Achieving success in work and in life, one conversation at a time
Susan Scott

In this book the author maintains that a single conversation can change the trajectory of a career, marriage or life. Whether conversation with one’s self, partner, colleagues, customers, family or friends, Fierce Conversations shows how to have conversations that count, revealing how to overcome barriers to meaningful conversations, express who you are and what you believe, confront tough issues with courage, confidence and sensitivity, overcome fear to get to the heart of the problem, inspire followers, attract believers and build visions that become reality, build authentic, strong relationships with colleagues, clients, friends and family, bring about real change through talking, and encourage others to reveal their true opinions. Packed with exercises and questionnaires to help you have the best conversations possible, Fierce Conversations is a way of conducting business, an attitude and a way of life, and can take you a long way towards effectively developing the way you communicate. $45.00

Ideas into Action Series from the Centre for Creative Leadership

These excellent guidebooks are a perfect set of references and development tools for employees and managers at all levels. In a format that is quick and easy to read, they provide practical advice on coaching, feedback, teams, conflict, innovation, career success, resiliency and more. This valuable series could be beneficial throughout all levels of an organisation and is a must for the corporate library. With their ready reference format these books are a useful addition to your personal developmental toolbox. $420 full set of 35. Please click here to view all 35 titles

Worldchanging: A User’s Guide for the 21st Century
Alex Steffen

A team of top-notch writers brought together by Alex Steffen in this publication includes Architecture for Humanity founder Cameron Sinclair, GeekCore founder Ethan Zuckerman and sustainable food expert Anna Lappe. Each chapter offers practical answers to important questions – Why does buying locally produced food make sense? What steps can we take to influence our workplace toward sustainability? How do we volunteer and advocate more effectively? How can we travel, live, work and learn in world changing ways? How can every human being help build a better future locally and globally? Illustrated with photographs and designed by Stefan Sagmeister, one of the most influential graphic designers working today, Worldchanging shows us that a sustainably prosperous, just, democratic, dynamic and peaceful life is an attainable reality. $59.95

TO ORDER BOOKS email for delivery in 2–4 weeks.