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The Bodhi Tree is Integral Development’s preferred bookseller. Soon clients will be able to purchase our recommended readings directly from the online bookstore. The Bodhi Tree specialises in hand-selected readings for authentic leadership, and personal and professional wellbeing and development.

Fierce Conversations: Achieving success in work and in life, one conversation at a time
Susan Scott

In this book the author maintains that a single conversation can change the trajectory of a career, marriage or life. Whether conversation with one’s self, partner, colleagues, customers, family or friends, Fierce Conversations shows how to have conversations that count, revealing how to overcome barriers to meaningful conversations, express who you are and what you believe, confront tough issues with courage, confidence and sensitivity, overcome fear to get to the heart of the problem, inspire followers, attract believers and build visions that become reality, build authentic, strong relationships with colleagues, clients, friends and family, bring about real change through talking, and encourage others to reveal their true opinions. Packed with exercises and questionnaires to help you have the best conversations possible, Fierce Conversations is a way of conducting business, an attitude and a way of life, and can take you a long way towards effectively developing the way you communicate. $45.00

Ideas into Action Series from the Centre for Creative Leadership

These excellent guidebooks are a perfect set of references and development tools for employees and managers at all levels. In a format that is quick and easy to read, they provide practical advice on coaching, feedback, teams, conflict, innovation, career success, resiliency and more. This valuable series could be beneficial throughout all levels of an organisation and is a must for the corporate library. With their ready reference format these books are a useful addition to your personal developmental toolbox. $420 full set of 35. Please click here to view all 35 titles

Worldchanging: A User’s Guide for the 21st Century
Alex Steffen

A team of top-notch writers brought together by Alex Steffen in this publication includes Architecture for Humanity founder Cameron Sinclair, GeekCore founder Ethan Zuckerman and sustainable food expert Anna Lappe. Each chapter offers practical answers to important questions – Why does buying locally produced food make sense? What steps can we take to influence our workplace toward sustainability? How do we volunteer and advocate more effectively? How can we travel, live, work and learn in world changing ways? How can every human being help build a better future locally and globally? Illustrated with photographs and designed by Stefan Sagmeister, one of the most influential graphic designers working today, Worldchanging shows us that a sustainably prosperous, just, democratic, dynamic and peaceful life is an attainable reality. $59.95

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