8 Questions with Ken Milling

ID:   Tell us a bit about yourself.  How did you become involved in Leadership Development?

I have been owner/manager of a number of small businesses and have extensive experience as a martial arts practitioner and teacher with particular interest in the integration of mind, body and spirit. However, since 1996 my professional expertise has been in private practice in the psychological arena.

Five years ago I met Integral Development’s (ID) managing director, Dr Ron Cacioppe, and shortly after attended an ID coaching course, during which it became clear that my main areas of study and professional practice interfaced well with Integral Theory and that ID offered unique ways of developing leadership and management capabilities.

ID:   With the experience you’ve had, how do you see the Integral approach making a difference in Leadership Development?  Any specific success stories?

The Integral approach offers a comprehensive development model that can help facilitate the growth of individuals both professionally and personally, with the opportunity to develop increased levels of self awareness and to apply in pragmatic ways such as avoiding negative bias and negative self talk that potentially curtails the development of a potent sense of self agency.

I had a profound experience on a residential ID leadership and management retreat with City of Joondalup managers and executive and colleagues from ID.  We were all stretched to our full capacity and challenged by many difficult issues, but I came through with a sense of how the whole is much greater than the sum of its parts and of what can be achieved as a collective when we share values that essentially lead to more authentic ways of being both personally and professionally.

ID:  Where would you like to see Australian leadership in 5 years time?

I would like to see an emphasis on innovation and creativity within work environments that allows talented individuals to apply their full potential as leaders and managers.  I see this as an essential development if Australia is to do well in an increasingly competitive global market.

ID:  Name the top 4 or 5 Influencers in your personal development.

I am fortunate to have been in contact with many talented people who have inspired me so this question is a difficult one to answer, bit those who immediately spring to mind are:

C G Jung (Swiss psychiatrist and founder of Analytical Psychology)
Daisetz Suzuki (Zen master and scholar)
Shigeru Kimura (Karate master)
Dr Jean Knox (Psychiatrist, Analyst & author)
ID:  Who do you look up to, who REALLY inspires you?

There is no one person and I am often inspired by ‘ordinary’ individuals achieving the ‘extraordinary’. This is reflective of ID’s vision – ‘Developing leaders, teams and organisations to be their best for the world’.  The people I work with inspire me when they clearly demonstrate manifest courage, commitment and integrity in the face of very challenging situations.

ID:   If you could be anywhere, doing anything right now what would it be?

I would be here doing the work that I enjoy. I consider myself extremely fortunate to work with interesting individuals in circumstances that are challenging and often call for me to look at how I might further develop my professional and personal capabilities. I am essentially engaged in a lifelong learning process and this is what fuels my passion.

ID:   If you were stranded on a desert island, what’s the one thing you would have to have with you?  (no not your iPad!!) 

A helicopter to get back home!

ID:  If you could personally address the Prime Minister, what would you say?

I would suggest that the Australian government capitalise on our economic fortunes by securing future economic, social and environmental development by significant investment in education, research and innovation. Our future rests in the hands of the next generation of leaders and their ability to adapt in constructive ways to a fast paced and changing world, and to have a big picture perspective that considers the wellbeing of society as a whole.

ID:  Ken Milling specialises in Assertiveness for Women in Business and more details on his upcoming workshop in October can be found below:

Assertiveness for Women

Wednesday 19 October 2011 Cost: $660 inc GST
Date: Wednesday 19 October 2011
Time: 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM
Venue: Wollaston College

About the Workshop

Stating your opinions when others may disagree can be very confronting and uncomfortable, especially for women. Some may even see this as negative behaviour. So we need to take care not to confuse assertiveness with aggressiveness! Where do you most frequently fall on the following continuum? Are you timid (passive), rational (assertive) or the aggressor (aggressive)? If you find you are on the either the passive or aggressive side, then this workshop can give you an increased sense of self-confidence and assertiveness that will lead to better relationships and greater effectiveness in all areas of life.

Who Should Attend?

This is a dynamic course designed for women who would like to develop their self confidence, assertiveness and authenticity in both professional and personal areas of life.

Benefits of Attending

  • Evaluate your current level of self-confidence
  • Experience self-empowerment through experiential exercises
  • Integrate your inner energy into constructive action
  • Make creative use of stressful situations
  • Develop the ability to say “no” without feeling guilty
  • Explore the practice of living authentically
  • Develop an awareness of a deeper, enduring aspect of self
  • Learn how to use stressful situations creatively and for the benefit of all
  • Gain the ability to speak assertively in challenging situations
  • Gain self-confidence in dealing with difficult situations


Ken Milling is an executive coach and presenter with Integral Development and an experienced analytic psychotherapist with a broad-ranging private practice.
In his spare time, Ken is a karate 4th Dan black belt and partners his wife Bev as a flamenco dancer. Ken delivers talks on a range of subjects relevant to psychological wellbeing and personal safety. Ken has over 15 years experience in developing the capacity of people, self-awareness and empowering individuals to embrace and facilitate change.

Wednesday 19 October 2011 Cost: $660 inc GST
Date: Wednesday 19 October 2011
Time: 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM
Venue: Wollaston College

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