Onwards and Upwards for 2009

After a productive 2008 I would like to thank the people for whom Integral Development has had the good fortune to facilitate courses, workshops and coaching for and with.

After an end of year retreat at Rottnest the team at Integral Development have returned, rejuvenated, inspiried and even more committed to providing exemplary consultancy services to leaders, managers, employees and the community in a holistic way for the benefit of all; enriching all aspects – people, the environment, shareholders and the wider community.

Our vision for the coming years is to be Australasia’s leading boutique consultancy: providing excellent leadership and organisation development services that inspire the next leadership and business revolution. A revolution based on the development of commercially successful organisations with cultures that enhance staff wellbeing. provide excellent innovative services and products to their customers, are ethical, and enrich society and the natural environment in all that they do.

Through our ongoing “Global Integral Leadership Study”, we have had the good fortune to interview such inspiring leaders as Ray Anderson founder and chairman of Interface Inc, Time Magazine’s ‘Hero of the Environment’ in 2007 and feel confident that despite the current economic woes the groundswell of successful, green, ethical and inspiring businesses is growing.

We look forward to facilitating your success in the year ahead and wish you health and wellbeing for the year to come.

Dr Ron Cacioppe
Managing Director
Integral Development
p. +61 (8) 9242 8122
e. admin@integral.org.au

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