Team Building with Executive Coaching

by Ken Milling, ID Executive Coach

Whilst Integral Development’s individual executive coaching is a stand alone process, it can adhere to organisational objectives, like team building.

Every organisation has its own culture and this culture reflects the values of the people who create and initiate the policies that govern the organisation. Within a team it is imperative that its members are aware of their personal values and how they interface with the values of the organisation.

The Integral Development coaching process facilitates individual change in a safe and supportive environment where executive team members can address specific issues that in turn enable them to function more effectively as members of the executive team.

The Integral Development coaching process involves a number of clear steps.

• The Integral Development executive coaches meet as a group to discuss with our managing director, the team building objective and mission of the client organisation.

• The Integral Development executive coach meets with the individual client, establishing a safe and supportive environment for the ongoing coaching process, with the emphasis on confidentiality.

• The Integral Development executive coach guides the individual client to identifying and clarifying individual issues that pertain to functioning more effectively as a team member.

• The Integral Development executive coach establishes with the individual client, aims and objectives and an action plan that interfaces with the client organisation team building objectives.

• The Integral Development executive coach facilitates and supports the individual client in working through their individual action plan and transitions of change to achieve individual change that contributes to team cohesion.

The ultimate test of a team is to deliver the goods and services. A well-functioning team is able to achieve results that are beyond the capabilities of an individual in isolation. Team members can provide mutual support and enjoy the collective vitality and potency of the group. With a developing team spirit it is possible for team members to share confidences, personal difficulties and doubts and work through these as a cohesive force, in turn bolstering the robustness of the team.

As a team matures it becomes possible to work through more difficult group dynamics, like hostility, aggression and competitiveness, and to harness the individual and group energy in constructive ways that facilitate the mission of the organisation.

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