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The Bodhi Tree is Integral Development’s preferred bookseller. Soon clients will be able to purchase our recommended readings directly from the online bookstore. The Bodhi Tree specialises in hand-selected readings for authentic leadership, and personal and professional wellbeing and development.

Leadership Presence: Dramatic techniques to reach out, motivate, and inspire
Belle Halpern and Kathy Lubar

This book provides an innovative, proven approach for helpingleaders in every field develop the leadership skills necessary to inspire confidence, command respect, motivate teams to reach higher goals and build credibility. The authors have applied the lessons and expertise learned as performing artists to The Ariel Group, a consulting and theatre-based management training firm, helping to improve the leadership skills of major company executives around the globe, including General Electric Company, Capital One and The Coca-Cola Company. The book offers time-tested strategies available to all leaders, from high-profile CEOs to young professionals seeking a way to move up.

A Theory of Everything: An Integral vision for business, politics, science and spirituality
Ken Wilber

Would it ever be possible to devise a genuine ‘Theory of Everything’ that would truly explain not just the world of insentient matter addressed by physics,
but the emotional, mental and spiritual realms as well? This book begins just such an attempt with a concise presentation of Wilber’s integral vision – a quest for a holistic approach that invites us to be a little more whole and a little less fragmented; in our work, our lives and our destiny.

Meditation: Bringing serenity to a busy life
Ron Cacioppe

Written as a practical guide for busy people, especially managersand professionals who play a major
part in setting the tone and direction of their workplace. Reading this book would be a substantial step in making meditation a part of your everyday, to experience freshness and clarity in all aspects of your life.

Natural Capitalism: Creating the next industrial revolution
Paul Hawken, Amory Lovins, Hunter Lovins,

Three top strategists show how leading-edge companies are practicing ‘a new type of industrialism’ that is more
efficient and profitable while saving the environment and creating jobs. They call their approach ‘natural capitalism’ because it is based on the principle that business can be good for the environment. The book is a fascinating and provocative read for public policy makers, as well as environmentalists and capitalists.

True Green at Work: 100 Ways you can make the environment your business
Kim McKay & Jenny Bonnin

Features one hundred simple, practical and effective tips to implement in the workplace with very little effort; yet the impact these behavioural
changes will ultimately have on our environment is enormous. Also featured are ten informative case studies that provide practical advice on the challenges and solutions companies faced in their efforts to reduce their environmental footprints. For anyone who wants to help save our planet!

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